What is my IP ? 7 ways to find your IP

It might be useful for people having dynamic assigned IP addresses to find their IP address, not always easy - like when located on an internal network, with the dynamic IP assigned on the gateway, without easy access to the gateway configuration information.
Usage of dynamic update tools need to be feeded, so a little script can retrieve your IP from this site, letting you have your own domain name with dynamic data inside !
Having numerous way to retrieve it looks funny, but not only: if your provider is doing transparent proxy-ing for surf, you'll only see your provider's proxy IP address, not yours. In this case, use a non-http method.

[http] Somewhere in an HTML page

have a look at this page, you'll find it. Not really easy to put in a script, as this page might change from time to time (which is not the case for provided links).

[http] Using a single text page

myip.xname.org returns a page with nothing more than your IP in it.

[http] Using an XML-RPC request

Call function xname.ipFinder() at http://ipfinder.org/xmlrpc.php with no params, it will return your IP address.
If you don't know how to call this function, this solution is definitively not for you :-)

[dns] Using a DNS request

To be done

[whois] Using a whois query

To be done

[finger] Using a finger query

To be done

[email] Using email

To be done
If you have other ways to retrieve IP, let us know: enhancements at ipfinder.org
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